July 6, 2015

As artists know, sometimes having a vice to fall back on can help you turn creative slumps into works of art. The question is, which habit is one that you can pick up that will actually help your work rather than hinder it.

Two of the most common beverages to turn to while working must be coffee and/or beer. Easy to sip on while working, both of these beverages can get your brain going in a way that it doesn’t naturally. So the question is, which one is better for actually helping you?


And the answer is both. As it turns out, beer — in moderate amounts — will help to lower your inhibitions and help you to come up with new ideas. Things you may have never thought of, or thought possible, you will now have more confidence in and you will allow your ideas to take more creative shapes. Once you have an idea and are ready to get down to business, coffee will help you get focused and get stuff done.


This infographic helps to explain what is happening in your brain when you drink each of these. So, depending on where you are in the creative cycle — ┬ápour yourself a beer and get thinking about your next project, or brew up some java and dive into your work!

Beer vs Coffee for Creativity

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