May 5, 2015

Crated artist Sil van Diepen has impressed the Crated team since his work was first uploaded. He has been a featured artist for the variety in his artwork and his unique photographic vision. Check out the multiple galleries he has set up here, as well as our favorite – the Frutas series.

We had the opportunity to ask Sil a few questions about his work and process. See what he had to say below:

Sil van Diepen 1

Tell us a little about yourself and the art you’re creating now.

I’ve been drawing and making illustrations from the day I could walk. When I was little I learned how to draw from my grandpa. He couldn’t really draw himself, but always loved it and had everything to teach me. Later I got into photography, again with my first camera which I got from my grandparents. In some way I’ve always been obsessed with creating images. I tried to  do 3D and video, but it never made me happy. I want to create flat images.

Sil van Diepen 2

Where do you find inspiration for your work?

Anything inspires me – from my girl, to travelling and looking at other peoples work. I love minimal things, silence and serenity.

Has your style, medium, or subject matter evolved since you started and where do you see it going in the future?

It has evolved a lot! It can change from day to day, it totally depends on what kind of idea I get in my head and what I want to make. I can make something and be very happy with it but want to change it completely the next day. I have phases, in style, in everything.

Sil van Diepen 3

What is one of your favorite art pieces, and how did you create it?

I love my Chernobyl collection the most.  I made it a long time ago but I still love it. It brings me back to walking around in a totally abandoned city and the spookiness but also the fresh air, sounds of birds and new life.

Sil van Diepen 4

All images from Sil van Diepen’s Crated gallery, see more here.



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