April 15, 2015

As part of our Guest Blogger series, Uiler Costa takes us on a trip with him! Exploring the ways in which photography affects traveling and traveling affects photography, take a short trip to Beachy Head with Uiler.

Traveling fascinates us — me and my wife — and is one of our higher priorities. We’ve already made several trips, but the style we used to follow, jumping from city to city in different countries at intervals of very few days, didn’t provide us enough time to understand the culture and the peculiarities of the places we visited.


After some trips like this, we decided to focus on only one country or region per travel, allocating at least thirty days of vacation to get the most out of each place. Although, we have found that even a month seems to not be enough for discovering so many interesting places. In this new format, we would travel by car as it would increase our flexibility, make day by day moves easier and, also give us a better feel about the paths and chances to enjoy the scenery. By car it’s possible to stop by the roadside, take photos from an amazing view and return to the journey; by train or bus, we would be limited to programmed stops.


Uiler 1


The first destination we chose was the UK, more precisely the three nations of Great Britain. We prefer traveling in the summer, when days are much longer and the temperatures are comfortable. Our starting point was London Heathrow Airport in August 2013, where we rented a very small, but brave car. We left London and went to the South Coast of England towards the county of East Sussex, to the beautiful limestone crags of Beachy Head and the Seven Sisters. Towering over the sea at altitudes up to 162m, these cliffs create a fascinating composition.


The immensity of the sea, the contrast of the white colour of the rocks, the blue of the ocean, and its reflection in the sky are really impressive. Being blessed in the first day of this trip with such a beautiful place was really a great privilege. The place is propitious for a day of rest, peace, contact with nature and reflection — contrary to the frenetic movement of Heathrow and the roads that drove us to this paradise.


Uiler 3


We arrived at Beachy Head around 11am. The sun was strong and the light was so intense it made that moment not the most suitable for shooting. A graduated ND filter and a polarizer would be useful to make simple the process of balancing lights from the sky and soil and of saturating colours a bit. I got some nice pictures without spending a lot of work in post-production.


Here is my tip: when you arrive in a stunning place, like this, don’t start shooting immediately. Dedicate at least ten minutes observing accurately the location, its characteristics and particularities and, most important, contemplating. After this experience, the result of the photography will be, undoubtedly, fantastic.


Uiler 2


About the author: 
Uiler is a professional photographer from Salvador, Brazil, who has been working in this industry for over three years in different areas including travel, landscapes, industrial and aerial photography. See more of Uiler’s work at https://crated.com/uiler and www.uiler.com

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