April 22, 2015

It’s hump day. And that can be a tough day of the week to get through without a little help. So we’ve rounded up a few of the best inspirational quote typography pieces on Crated to give you the boost that you need.

Success is a journeySuccess Is a Journey, by Mark Baker-Sanchez

Never Look BackNever Look Back, by PatiPhotography

Blessed are the curiousBlessed are the curious… by Laura

Don't let comparison steal your joyDon’t Let Comparison Steal Your Joy, by Joshua Redmond

We Can Move MountainsWe Can, by Rachel Burbee

Be YourselfBe YOURself, by Kal Barteski

Shape your own luckShape Your Own Luck, by Sian Richardson

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(featured image: Hustle, by GStallings)






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