March 27, 2015

Sometimes it’s hard to choose just one art piece to decorate your walls — but you don’t always have to!

Creating an art wall is a great way to fill wall space, big or small. They can tie in a color palette, create a focal point in any room, and showcase your personality too!

So how do you build a great art wall?

Blend Similarities and Differences

When choosing the pieces of work for your art wall, keep in mind that you can certainly combine very different pieces while creating a harmonious wall overall. We recommend a preset color palette or one or two staple colors that appear in each piece. This way you can cover photography, painting, graphic design and typography across your art wall seamlessly, as well as piecing together framed prints and canvas prints.

gallery wall ideas example

Example Layouts

Below are some layouts with common sizes that you can use or build off.

Art Wall Beddroom

Art Wall Living Room

Art Wall Wall

Plan Ahead 

When setting up your art wall, the first step is to get all your pieces together and plan where each one will go. Arranging the pieces on the floor in the exact way you will hang them helps to create an interesting pattern that works visually. You can then take specific measurements and transfer those to the wall using painter’s tape or chalk lines to lay them out before hanging.

framed art prints canvases

Tip: When you’re ready to start hanging, hold the frame up to the spot using the wire on the back (aligning the bottom edge) and use a small dab of toothpaste on your finger or the tip of the nail to mark where the nail will go.

tip on hanging an art wall

Source All Your Art in One Place

Finding and purchasing art on Crated to build a custom art wall is easy. We have thousands of pieces to choose from, so you’re sure to find the art type, color scheme, and size that you are looking for.¬†

To get started you can choose a category or search for something that interests you. When you find something you like, clicking on the piece will show you how it would look as an art print, framed print, or canvas, to help you envision it on the wall.

Once your cart is full of art, you can place the order knowing that each piece will arrive at your doorstep ready to hang. Everything from the wire on the back, to the nail and hook, is included. All you’ll have to do is plan which piece will go where!

Enjoy your new gallery wall! We guarantee that it’ll be the first thing your guests comment on.

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