March 11, 2015

We can all use a little help every now and then. So this week we’ve rounded up some awesome resources, available online — and for free — to keep those creative juices flowing, save some time on your next project, or even just introduce you to a new design news source.

1. Fonts

Resources - FontsAmbition by lujancarloz

Besides being a great place to see amazing featured artists and creative works, Abduzeedo is a blog that has an awesome weekly post: Friday Fresh Free Fronts. They’ll provide you examples of a few different fonts — selected by their author — along with the name, creator and links for where to download them.

Lost Type Co. 
If you’d rather browse through an endless selection of fonts, you might want to head over to Lost Type Co. where they have a pay-what-you-can system, that allows you to donate what you can and it will go directly to the typographer who created it.

Dribbble and Behance are two portfolio sites where artists often upload design freebies – fonts, icons, templates, etc. But it can be hard to find what you’re looking for. DBF has grouped them together here, and narrowed it down to fonts to give you a great visual grid of what is available for your use!

2. Textures and Patterns

Resources TextureWhen the sun touches the horizon by Pascal Deckarm

Blog.SpoonGraphics is a great design resource in general, with their articles, tutorials, and videos. Their freebies section features lots of helpful downloads, but their selection of patterns and textures is great for adding that specific look to your piece. For instance, they’ve recently featured photocopy textures, postcard textures, and engraved effects.

Subtle Patterns
Looking for something detailed but not overwhelming? Subtle Patterns is a great place to find backgrounds for your typography pieces, or textures to make your digital work look like it was created on paper. Currently with 40 pages of options, it might take a while to go through but you’re bound to find the perfect one.

Lost and Taken
Another blog featuring themed posts with multiple options, Lost and Taken provides you with options for a wide range of textures. From grunge to ethereal to vintage, you can download individual textures or a whole group in a zip file.

3. Color

Resources Colour Goldner Harary Arc Graph by Jazzberry Blue

Looking for a specific color for your design? Spectral lets you choose a color, and then easily brings up a few shades darker or lighter, as well as a few other colors to compare or match with, and provides you with the hex color. With such a simple design, the site is easy to use and finding the right color is super quick.

Adobe Color CC
If you’re trying to create a cohesive color scheme, you might want to be able to compare colors quickly – or even be told which ones are complementary rather than having to look it up or try it out yourself. Adobe Color CC (previously Adobe Kuler), provides you with a few different algorithms, so that you can choose the type of combination you want, plus the ability to scale each color individually. Definitely a more in-depth process, but with more insight built in as well.

Paletton has more of a web design feel to it, though the functionality is similar to Adobe Color CC. Offering you the option to work with 1-4 colors, it focuses on complementary colors, but will constantly provide you with the hex color for a few shades lighter and darker than the ones you are working with. The geometric view of the colors really helps you envision them working together as well.

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