October 16, 2015
Skyline Cover

Stunning Skylines – photographic collection

Skylines are interesting subject matter for photographers. In each city, they appear so similar and yet with a closer look, the right lighting, or specific monuments, each one becomes so unique in its presentation and meaning. Photos of skylines are the same way — they can be boring, they can be done like so many others, or they can be... Read more

July 6, 2015
Beer vs Coffee

Kickstarting Creativity: Coffee or Beer?

As artists know, sometimes having a vice to fall back on can help you turn creative slumps into works of art. The question is, which habit is one that you can pick up that will actually help your work rather than hinder it. Two of the most common beverages to turn to while working must be coffee and/or beer. Easy... Read more

June 9, 2015
db Waterman

A few Questions with Featured Artist db Waterman

This week’s featured artist is db Waterman. We had the chance to ask about her process and how she came to create such detailed, layered works. What is your backstory? My name is db Waterman ( this is my pseudonym ), I am a mixed media artist from the Netherlands. My real name is Ans de Bie and I’m a... Read more

May 27, 2015

Why I Shoot Film – with Dev Samaddar

As part of our new Guest Blogger series we’ve reached out to our community of talented artists to share their knowledge, passion, and art! In this post, Dev Samaddar explains why film photography remains so important to his artistic process. — Once you have exposed a frame of film you cannot un-expose it. You cannot delete it. Once you develop a film... Read more

May 5, 2015
Sil van Diepen feature

Behind the Scenes with Crated Artist Sil van Diepen

Crated artist Sil van Diepen has impressed the Crated team since his work was first uploaded. He has been a featured artist for the variety in his artwork and his unique photographic vision. Check out the multiple galleries he has set up here, as well as our favorite – the Frutas series. We had the opportunity to ask Sil a... Read more

April 22, 2015

Inspirational Quote Typography

It’s hump day. And that can be a tough day of the week to get through without a little help. So we’ve rounded up a few of the best inspirational quote typography pieces on Crated to give you the boost that you need. Success Is a Journey, by Mark Baker-Sanchez Never Look Back, by PatiPhotography Blessed are the curious… by... Read more

April 15, 2015
Uiler Feature

Enjoy The View – Travel and Photography with Uiler Costa

As part of our Guest Blogger series, Uiler Costa takes us on a trip with him! Exploring the ways in which photography affects traveling and traveling affects photography, take a short trip to Beachy Head with Uiler. — Traveling fascinates us — me and my wife — and is one of our higher priorities. We’ve already made several trips, but the... Read more

March 27, 2015
art wall example

How to Build an Art Wall

Sometimes it’s hard to choose just one art piece to decorate your walls — but you don’t always have to! Creating an art wall is a great way to fill wall space, big or small. They can tie in a color palette, create a focal point in any room, and showcase your personality too! So how do you build a... Read more

March 11, 2015
Free Resources for Designers and Photographers

Free Resources for Designers and Photographers

We can all use a little help every now and then. So this week we’ve rounded up some awesome resources, available online — and for free — to keep those creative juices flowing, save some time on your next project, or even just introduce you to a new design news source. 1. Fonts Ambition by lujancarloz Abduzeedo Besides being a... Read more

March 5, 2015
Lemire Blog Header

Using the Horizon in Landscape Photography – with Alan Lemire

As part of our new Guest Blogger series we’ve reached out to our community of talented artists to share their knowledge, passion, and art! In this post, Alan Lemire explains the use of the horizon in landscape photography and how it changes what you say with your photographs. — Landscape photography can seem extremely simple — find a beautiful vista, point... Read more