Iron Canvas

Magnetic North / Hamburg / Germany

In Rust We Trust


Normally, enthusiasm is limited when metals rust: People have always been fighting against the simple reaction of metal, oxygen and water, especially where water and wind are at home. Time to give the good old iron oxide a radical image change and to refinish steel, two Hamburg creatives said, who discovered the amazing aesthetics of rust as a material and cultivated the "artistic rust". The collective brings photos and illustrations to metal of different formats and then oxidizes the motif in a controlled manner. In combination with light, fantastic color effects are created. Transparent or also lacquered in color, surfaces give the desired contrasts to the motifs, set accents and thus simultaneously limit the oxidation process. On the interface between art and craftsmanship, something unique happened: under the IRON CANVAS label, the duo has been mixing the scene with the support of a photographer for many years and has been playing a new field of decorative art.


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