Jocelyn Ball-Hansen


Fine art photographic prints inspired by the surrounding natural world


As a graduate of The Ontario College of Art and Design, with a diploma in communication and design, I have purposefully striven to remain a creative and artistic person since early childhood. Having in the past been an award winning visual artist and commissioned portrait painter for almost 14 years, while raising 2 young children and working part time outside the home, I currently concentrate on photography as my main creative focus.
Inspiration for my photographs come simply from the world that surrounds me. As a resident of Durham Region from 1990 to fall 2013, most of my images predominantly depict subjects from the abundant Region's conservation and marsh land areas. Presently a resident of Toronto, both myself and my husband, a gallery represented fine artist, make it a priority to actively visit and hike in the many parks and natural areas Southern and Northern Ontario have to offer, me with my camera always in tow.

As an artist, I have always instinctively leaned towards representational realism, and I am most attracted to exciting or unusual natural light, shadows, the play of light on living or inanimate surfaces, dramatic contrasts, the small details, and texture. Specifically as a photographer, my images have little to no processing except for that which maintains good composition, balance and light.